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Miriam Coles Harris

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Bindwijze: Paperback / softback
Levertijd: 1-3 werkdagen
Verzendkosten: € 1,95 per bestelling


Classic Romance - Rutledge

The (unnamed) narrator is a young lady, and an orphan. Arthur Rutledge will take her to her aunt, Mrs. Edith Churchill. During the journey, the young lady and Mr. Rutledge are injured in a train accident and are moved to a parsonage. The parsonage is part of the large estate Rutledge. The young lady experiences the kindness and caring of the parsonage's occupants and of Mr. Rutledge, and falls in love with Mr. Rutledge, but when she is fully recoverd, she is escorted to her aunt. There she indulges in the social life and enjoys it. She meets a Frenchman and falls in love with him, but it turns out that the Frenchman isn't the person he claims to be. While she is trying to find out what is going on, she has to decide what and who will bring her happiness and love. But will she ever find it?

With a Glossary French words on page 462.

Miriam Coles Harris was born on July 7th 1834 in Dosoris, Long Island. She was descended from Robert Coles who immigrated to America in 1630. She married Sidney Smith Harris (1832-1892) of New York, who was a lawyer, with whom she had two children. After her husband's death in 1892, she spent most of her time in Europe. She died in 1925, in Pau, Pyrénées-Atlantiques, France. She wrote fifteen novels, a children's books and two devotional books. She shunned publicity and wrote her first book anonymously, and in doing so, caused several other women to claim that they were Miriam Coles Harris. Rutledge was her first novel, released in 1860, and it was a great succes.


ISBN 9789462600041
Auteur Miriam Coles Harris
Uitgever Uitgeverij De Graveinse Abeel
Datum uitgave 20140303
Lengte (in mm) 211
Breedte (in mm) 146
Dikte (in mm) 26
Aantal pagina's 463

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