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Volume 3

Charles L. Glenn, Charles L. Glenn, Jan de Groof

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Bindwijze: Hardback
Levertijd: 1-3 werkdagen
Verzendkosten: € 1,95 per bestelling


Freedom, autonomy and accountability are commonly regarded as very important, but policy-makers do not always pay sufficient attention to the tensions among them. Thus freedom or school autonomy may be sacrificed to accountability, or accountability may be weakened in an effort to provide a wider range of choices for parents, or to give more decision-making authority to individual schools. The authors are convinced that wise design and implementation can produce a successful balance among freedom, autonomy, and accountability, and that considering the approaches adopted by different educational systems can contribute both to design and to implementation.

This four volume collection presents a worldwide overview of the status of freedom, autonomy, and accountability in education, with detailed information on forty countries.

This publication is a useful reference manual for students, government officials, educational lawyers and policy-makers.

Volume 3included chapters on national education systems, describing the laws and policies under which both public and non-public schools operate in each.


Introduction Charles Glenn and Jan De Groof
Albania Nikoleta Mita and Juliana Latifi
Argentina Hugo Chavez, Rodrigo Agrelo and Cara Stillings Candal
Australia Brian Caldwell
Belarus Iryna Ulasiuk
Brazil Nina Ranieri
Canada Derek J. Allison and Deani A. Neven Van Pelt
Chile Francisco J. Leturia I. and Francisca Vallejo
Colombia Jorge Alberto Mahecha Rodríguez and Luis Enrique García De Brigard
Cuba Daniele Vidoni
El Salvador Daniele Vidoni
Iceland Margrét Hardardóttir
Israel Moshe Cohen-Eliya and Amos Zehavi
Jordan Mahasen M. Aljaghoub
Mexico Rosa Elena Terán Morales and Jorge Alberto Mahecha Rodríguez
New Zealand Carol Mutch
Philippines Vivian Talisayon and others
Qatar Louay Constant, Charles A. Goldman and Gail L. Zellman
South Africa Rika Joubert and Willem van Vollenhoven with Johan Beckmann and Justus Prinsloo
United States Charles Glenn and Charles Russo
Autonomy and Accountability in the New Era of American Education Cara Stillings Candal
A Snapshot of School Choice in the United States Paul DiPerna
Uruguay Pablo Landoni


ISBN 9789058509116
Auteur Charles L. Glenn, Charles L. Glenn, Jan de Groof
Uitgever Wolf Legal Publishers
Datum uitgave 20121130
Lengte (in mm) 247
Breedte (in mm) 174
Dikte (in mm) 30

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