Dutch architecture in 250 highlights

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Architecture historians from the NAI guide you through over 250 outstanding buildings and designs in this richly illustrated book Dutch Architecture in 250 Highlights. From Cuypers, Berlage, Kromhout, Van Eesteren, Stam and Wijdeveld to Weeber, Coenen and Koolhaas. A true journey through the rich architecture history of the Netherlands.
Few countries can boast as rich and varied an architecture history as the Netherlands. Drawing from the collection of the Netherlands Architecture Institute, which spans almost two centuries of architecture history, this book presents a portrait of the Netherlands. The book brings together the designs, buildings and ideas that have defined the image of Dutch architecture.
Along with the permanent exhibition in the 'Schatkamer' (Treasury) of the NAI, the book marks the NAI collection's centenary. With this book Dutch Architecture in 250 Highlights. Preserved by the Netherlands Architecture Institute the wealth of the NAI collection is available for an even broader public.
The thematic chapters present unique and beautiful items from the collection that attest to the immense imaginative power upon which our built environment is grounded. For each theme, the most noteworthy designs are presented and illustrated with plans, sketches, maquettes and photographs.
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