Love is the way

Sofie Smit
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Bindwijze: Hardcover
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England, 17th century. After the death of her father, a sensitive girl decides to leave her village and head into the forest. As someone with a more liberal and mystical approach to life, she is misunderstood and judged by the other villagers. But when she meets a boy for whom she feels an unconditional love, everything changes. Love is the way is a legend about who we really are. 'You write very beautifully' Thomas Verbogt 'What an enchanting story. Poetic and full of thought provoking sentiment.' Jane Gunning 'I have never read such a story before. I felt the redemption at the end. You moved me!' Sandra Bernart Sofie Smit (1981) is a Dutch antropologist and book artist. She made several books. Including Het perron and Alles is gevoel. The words, book design and materials in her work tell the story all together. Love is the way is designed after the booklet of the girl in the novella.
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Auteur(s)Sofie Smit
Aantal pagina's88
Datum van verschijning20200103
Breedte154 mm
Hoogte223 mm
Dikte9 mm
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