Suprasensitivity in architecture

Maurice Nio
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Bindwijze: Paperback / softback
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SUPRASENSITIVITY IN ARCHITECTURE MAURICE NIO TOUCH ME! With warm fingers and I will change... Cover with thermochromic ink. You sometimes have the sensation that, once you enter a particular room, you realize that you're not welcome, that you are out of sync and out of place. It is not a matter of 'a feeling' - it is pure consciousness. Straight through the noise of impressions and moods, there is the pure and primary awareness of the space itself. Beyond the vagaries of taste and subjectivity, there is the notion of the supra-sensitive. This is the realm of atoms - and the world of unique frequencies. This is the realm where we, designers, must strike a chord by animating the things diligently, by evoking a chain reaction of animated materials. In the end, it's all about the principle of animation. Becoming conscious of the supra-sensitive world is one thing; being willing to do something with that consciousness and influence that world is another. As a designer, you must know how to strike the right chord in stirring up the unique frequency of things - particularly where matter is concerned. If you are able to animate matter with a particular vibration which then triggers another vibration, you have truly achieved something. Animating matter means manipulating its frequency; manipulating a frequency means creating an experience; and the experience created will inevitably be undergone by someone and evoke some emotion. Behind this cover flap you will find the Italian and Chinese translation of the essay 'The Principle of Animation', including the original Dutch text and... an unpublished Dutch bonus essay. SUPRASENSITIVITY IN ARCHITECTURE - MAURICE NIO 256 pag. f.c. geïllustreerd | soft cover | sensitieve inkt! op voorzijde omslag; kleur verandert wanneer je het boek aanraakt met warme vingers | Engelse publicatie, essay ook in het Nederlands, Italiaans, Chinees | ISBN 978-90-713464-5-3 | € 39,50 SUPRASENSITIVITY IN ARCHITECTURE - MAURICE NIO 256 pages full colour | soft cover | thermochromatic ink! on front cover; changes color when you touch it with warm fingers | English publication, essay also in Dutch, Italian, Chinese | ISBN 978-90-713464-5-3 | € 39,50
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Auteur(s)Maurice Nio
BindwijzePaperback / softback
Aantal pagina's256
Publicatie datum20161005
Breedte164 mm
Hoogte243 mm
Dikte27 mm
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