The Little TMMi

Erik van Veenendaal, Jan Jaap Cannegieter
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The Little TMMi

The Little TMMi - Objective-Driven Test Process Improvement provides practical support for organizations that aim at improving their test processes.
TMMi is a not-for-profit independent test maturity model developed by the TMMi Foundation. Using TMMi, organizations can improve their test process and even have their test process or test organization accredited when it complies with the requirements. The most important differences between TMMi and other test improvement models are independence, compliance with international testing standards, the business-driven (objective-driven) orientation and the complementary relationship with the CMMI framework.

The objective of The Little TMMi is to support (test) organizations in improving their test process, to expand the adoption of TMMi and to enhance the growth of the testing profession.The book is structured for a broad target audience. It should be part of the toolbox of everyone who needs visibility into the maturity and quality of the test processes, is affiliated with assessing the test processes or is involved in improving test processes.

The Little TMMi provides:
* a short and to the point overview of the TMMi model
* the TMMi specific goals and specific practices
* practical experiences and benefits achieved
* an overview of the TMMi assessment process
* guidelines for implementation and deployment
* detailed insight into the relationship between TMMi and CMMI.

Erik van Veenendaal is a widely-recognized expert in software
testing and quality management, a leading international consultant
and trainer with over 20 years of practical experience and
the founder of Improve Quality Services BV. He is the lead
author and developer of TMMi and vice chairman of the TMMi

Jan Jaap Cannegieter is a board member of SYSQA, a service
provider in requirements, quality management and testing, and
a co-developer of the TMMi levels 4 and 5. He has 20 years of
experience in testing, requirements, quality assurance and
process improvement.
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Auteur(s)Erik van Veenendaal, Jan Jaap Cannegieter
BindwijzePaperback / softback
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