Laura Stavinoha
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Voice mentors the self-examination of our voice and the related emotional processes. Once you get to know yourself, become increasingly self-aware and acknowledge your vulnerabilities as well as your talents, your voice and your message will become more powerful. As a result, you will build self-confidence, express yourself better and be heard. Do you experience your voice as a limitation or a blockage? Do you feel that you are not always being heard? Does your voice change according to the situation you’re in? This book provides an answer to why your voice doesn’t always seem to be in your control. Voice coach Laura Stavinoha struggled with stage fright from the age of fourteen. In this superb book she shares with you the knowledge she gained in the field of vocal development. She explains her own experiences and those of her clients within two theoretical frameworks: the polyvagal theory and the theory of positive disintegration. The exercises she offers are practical, down to earth, and will contribute to your personal development. Laura has found her voice, and offers you a guide to do the same. “When all eyes were on me, tension went to my throat and my voice started trembling. I wanted to speak with confidence and have a more powerful voice in presentations, during meetings and in groups when telling a story. Laura has helped me to understand what holds me back, how my voice works and how I can reconnect with it.” - Kim (one of Laura’s students)
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Auteur(s)Laura Stavinoha
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Publicatie datum20221017
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