This Might Hurt

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THE GRIPPING NEW THRILLER FROM THE AUTHOR OF RICHARD & JUDY PICK THE RECOVERY OF ROSE GOLD 'Deliciously dark and so very clever' CLAIRE DOUGLAS 'Expertly paced, hugely unsettling and perfectly dark' ASHLEY AUDRAIN 'Slick, smart and terrifying' 5***** READER REVIEW 'Gripping and compulsive' LIZ NUGENT 'Totally gripping' 5***** READER REVIEW ________ Six months ago, Natalie's sister Kit went to Wisewood, a retreat on a secluded Maine island. Today, Natalie receives a message: Would you like to come tell your sister what you did - or should we? Natalie has no choice: head to Wisewood. Rescue her younger sister. Confess the secret she's been keeping. Stop everything unravelling. But there's one thing she hasn't considered. While getting on the island is difficult, getting off might be impossible .
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Aantal pagina's400
Publicatie datum20220804
Breedte131 mm
Hoogte198 mm
Dikte25 mm
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