Why the best is yet to come

Alexander De Croo
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A pandemic, a war in Europe and a climate that is getting warmer and warmer; in recent years, Alexander De Croo has had little option but to be a crisis prime minister. Even so, he is more convinced than ever that tomorrow will be better than today.

Why the best is yet to come radically challenges the doom-laden thinking, nationalist tendencies and destructive negativism that characterise so much of modern politics.

Our country is bursting with talent. If we give our people freedom, confidence and the tools to work together, we can continue to box well above our weight.

Alexander De Croo explains where his unshakeable believe in progress comes from and how that belief has only been strengthened during his time in office. He also looks ahead to the future, asking: how can we safeguard our freedom and protect our democracy? How can we guarantee social mobility and repair the welfare state for future generations? How can we overcome polarisation, so that working together becomes the new norm?

Why the best is yet to come is a plea to never compromise our values, to stop crawling into our shell, and to instead emerge more confident in our abilities than ever before.

ALEXANDER DE CROO is the prime minister of Belgium, in office since 2020. He studied at Solvay Business School in Brussels and the Kellogg School of Management in Chicago, and before entering politics he was an entrepreneur.

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