The Chain

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I loved The Chain. Urgent, unflinching and yet so full of love and nurture for women and womanhood, it is chilling and it is familiar and it is redemptive to read and beautifully written. This book makes women feel seen and understood, it is deeply powerful -- JOSIE LONG I was utterly floored by The Chain. In its astonishing specificity it finds a way to speak to huge and unsettling aspects of the human experience. It has the pace of a thriller and the weight of poetry. I can immediately think of so many women whose hands I want to press it into. I am immediately, selfishly desperate to discuss it -- EVIE WYLD The Chain is a devastating account of brutal misogyny told with the careful precision of a brilliant storyteller. The power of Suleyman's language combined with her poetic words culminate in a story that has been etched on my soul forever. A truly incredible feat as both memoir and story, The Chain took my breath away from the first page and did not let go of me till the very last. A must-read, a must-have and one of my biggest recommendations of 2024 -- NIKITA GILL The Chain made me angry, laugh and cry. I tore it apart and gobbled it up. It is stunning. STUNNING -- LAURA DOCKRILL The Chain is revolutionary, it is necessary, succinct in detail and precise, it is both empowering and powerful, deeply moving and courageous, vivid and candid. A compassionate and brilliant memoir from Chimene Suleyman, to read it is to be invited to reach inside these pages and hold the space, to replenish your own truth and grief, and find courage for many years to come -- SALENA GODDEN The Chain is an important book which highlights the fear of simply being a woman in what is still a man's world and how the only way we're going to come out on top is if we unite -- ARAMINTA HALL In January 2017, Chimene Suleyman was on her way to an abortion clinic in Queens, New York with her boyfriend, the father of her nascent child. It was the last day they would spend together. In an extraordinary sequence of events, Chimene was to discover the truth of her boyfriend's life: that she and many other women had been subtly, patiently and painfully betrayed. In this spellbinding memoir, she exposes one man's control over many women and the trauma he left behind, and celebrates the sisterhood that formed in his wake despite - and in spite of - him. Exploring how women are duped every day by individuals, she interrogates how society itself continually allows this to happen. She demonstrates that, no matter how intelligent, educated or self-aware they might be, over time a woman can be played into performing the age-old role of giver and nurturer: self-sacrificing and subordinate. Both a devastating personal testimony and a searing indictment of persistent misogyny, The Chain is a book for any woman who has questioned her relationship and buried her doubts, for any woman who can't quite identify the source of her unease and for any woman who has been sheltered by the fierce protection of her female friends.
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